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Icom America Inc. is a part of Icom Incorporated. Started in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue in Osaka, Japan, Icom Inc. is a publicly held Japanese corporation; its stock is traded on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges. Icom Inc.’s roots are in designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use in the amateur (ham) radio industry. The company’s product line has since expanded to include communications equipment and products based in the marine, avionics, land mobile and wide-band receiver industries. Icom America was founded in 1979. With the exception of Cuba, Icom America is responsible for representing Icom products within the entire Western Hemisphere, as well to U.S. Territories in the Pacific.

iCom’s Areas of Interest:

  • Amateur
  • Avionics
  • Land Mobile
  • Marine
  • Systems
  • Wide-band Receiver

Icom IP100H IP Advanced Radio System

Introducing the IP100H IP advanced radio system. Icom’s new wireless land based system offers scalable license-free communication that can use common wi-fi network products as infrastructure.