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We are leaders – not followers. Customer safety and satisfaction without reservation is the final result.

The PBE Group’s philosophy of quality, delivery and attention to detail remain the key ingredients to the continued success of our company. Our future portrays growth. We welcome challenges and opportunities. Ingenuity, consistent quality, competitive prices, fast and efficient delivery, competent service and sincerely dedicated personnel are our hallmarks.

Our objective is to increase sales through a customer driven environment to create jobs, improve standard of living, provide advancement through training for all employees, create trust, remove barriers and improve communications.

Mining and Tunneling
Design, manufacture and market hi-tech, reliable electronic monitoring and communication products to the underground mining industry on a worldwide basis. Increase our market share in this industry. Penetrate other industries where our products can be utilized.

Contract Manufacturing
Offer high quality, efficient manufacturing and test of customer designed products. Concentrate on efforts toward value added services, automation and computerization.


Mining Solutions
PBE has a mining solution to make mine sites more efficient, productive and safer…above and below ground.
PBE Mining Solutions designs, engineers and manufactures single source integrated solutions for safety, communications, monitoring and control systems for mines around the world. Supported and serviced by its network of global offices and distribution partners, PBE is able to provide timely service and engineering support globally.

PBE’s mining products and solutions are sophisticated and reliable, with over 40 years of ensuring safer and more productive mines.

Monitoring & Control Systems
Our monitoring and control systems are a complete solution to keep your mine running at peak capacity. We call it MineBoss™.
Whether you are a mine operator or a member of the management team, knowing the status on all aspects of the operation is critical. The PBE MineBoss™ 2.0 Mine Wide Monitoring and Control System (MCS) was engineered to centrally monitor and control all aspects of a mining operation, including displaying the location of miners and the status of equipment.

The Mine Monitoring and Control Systems (MCS) allow for continuous monitoring of priority systems such as gas levels, air flow, ventilation fans, water pumps, power status and other systems critical to the operation of your mine. PBE Mine Monitoring Solutions allow PBE products or third party sensors to be utilized for continuous monitoring and immediate response to critical and essential mine safety functions.

MineBoss Operations
Tagging & Tracking
Tagging and tracking accurately identifies the location of your personnel and equipment mine-wide.
The PBE mine-wide Tracking and Tagging systems are capable of determining the location of equipment, personnel and vehicles. Stationary and portable tag readers (wireless or wired) are available for transmitting data over either leaky feeder communication systems (VHF or UHF) or over existing infrastructure without the need to install a new backbone.

PBE’s Tracking System can be used with an Emergency Preparedness System, Automatic Personnel Registration or as an Access Control System.

Standard hardware and peripherals include:

Long range RFID transponders
Long range RFID reading stations
Position markers
Handhelds and displays
RFID activation / deactivation stations
Lights and sounders
Information displays

Tracking information can be displayed, monitored and controlled using MineBoss™ 2.0.

PBE communication and data systems offer clarity of communication and high speed data transfer capabilities from the mine surface to the underground levels of your mine.

PBE’s Leaky Feeder System can be tailored to specific site requirements to provide the best radio coverage and data communications. The Leaky Feeder System is a mine radio system that can provide complete communications coverage for your mine site, including above ground site linking.

Leaky Feeder systems have been a proven technology for many decades, although recent innovations enable Leaky Feeder to also become the backbone for vital monitoring and tracking systems. PBE’s new BDA-4 amplifier not only boosts the signal along the cable but can be used as a tag reader, modem and in-line controller. Multi-Platform Communications Adaptors allow the BDA-4 to perform as part of an Atmospheric Monitoring System and a Mine-Wide Monitoring System

PBE provides a wide range of radio options for site, surface and underground linking and mine radio communications, including Motorola, Tait, and Kenwood two-way radios.

PBE also offers PageBoss Paging Telephones that provide clear and undistorted communication across the entire pager phone system with rugged enclosures, handset hangers and mounting brackets.

Environmental Monitoring
PBE environmental monitoring is the smart way to take care of your mine personnel.
PBE offers a wide range of environmental and gas monitoring systems that are capable of measuring carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, diesel particulates and more.

PBE’s environmental monitoring solutions are modular and can be combined with other systems. Individual gas unit options include: wired (320 or 4800 Baud), wireless, UHF, VHF, Bluetooth, 4 digital inputs, Transient Voltage Suppression / Data Line Isolators, 4-20mA versions.

Environmental monitoring systems can be monitored and controlled using MineBoss™ 2.0.

Conveyor Belt Monitoring
Conveyor belt monitoring solutions help avoid downtime caused by accidents and damage to equipment.
Utilizing PBE’s monitoring and control systems, the location of personnel and equipment in the mine can be determined and utilized to create zones to control the auxiliary fans of the ventilation system. This fully automated system utilizes PBE tagging and tracking components to determine the real-time location of personnel and mobile equipment and idle fans in areas where miners and diesel machines are not present.

As soon as mine personnel or mobile equipment enter a zone where the ventilation systems has been idled, the software, MineTracker can restart the fan or the control system will send a command through the existing SCADA software and restart the fans in this zone. A command can also be sent from the control center prior to workers arriving at a particular zone and the system can be restarted before they arrive in this zone.

Eliminating the constant use of fans in unoccupied areas of the mine where personnel are not working will greatly reduce energy consumption by the mine and lower operating costs. Additional cost savings will be realized by the reduction of maintenance on the fans due to the reduced run time of each unit and ultimately increase the life expectancy of each fan due to reduced hours of operation.

Responsible Ventilation
Reduce energy and maintenance costs by adding a Responsible Ventilation system.
Designed to increase safety and productivity by preventing costly damage or accidents, PBE’s conveyor and motion monitors are ideal for use with conveyor belts, rotating devices, ventilation fans or any other equipment. PBE belt monitoring equipment has proven to be rugged, reliable and easy to use in some of the harshest mining environments on the planet and yet are flexible enough to fit any application in any industry.

Standard hardware and peripherals include:

Slip / Sequence Detection
Overspeed and Underspeed
Power Loss
Material Spill
Fire Suppression
Dust Suppression
Belt Brakes
Bearing Temperature
Motor Currents
Fire Suppression
PBE’s BeltBoss control and monitoring solutions can either stand-alone or be networked together through PBE’s MineBoss™ 2.0 and monitored from the surface in the mine’s control center.

Belt Boss Mining Unit
Fire Suppression
Fire suppression solutions detect and suppress fires to prevent damage and downtime at critical points such as mine conveyer belts.
PBE’s fire suppression solutions can detect and suppress fires at the conveyor belt, air compressors, rescue chambers, battery change-out stations and also activate audible and visual alarms.

Fires can occur anywhere electrical devices or conveyor belts are present. The PBE system detects and suppresses fire with water by means of fusible alloy sprinkler nozzles mounted around stationary equipment. PBE has chemical suppression and water based systems, both of which use temperature sensors placed around the area to be protected. The top of the line system in this category is the FlowBoss system designed to exceed MSHA and NFPA pressure requirements. These solutions are customized to cover any belt head, take up or underground belt storage area in the mine.

The fire suppression systems can be monitored and controlled using PBE’s MineBoss™ 2.0.

Belt Boss Mining Unit
Fan & Pump Control
Fan and pump control systems remotely manage every corner of your mine job site.
PBE has solutions to monitor air flow, ventilation fans, water control and other critical aspects of your mining operation. Our solutions allow third party sensors, or those of our own design, to be utilized for continuous monitoring of priority systems. Details like power status, vibration, speed, water levels and bearing temperatures can be monitored and linked directly from the computer map screen.

For more information on these systems and solutions, please Contact Us to learn more about how PBE can help make your mine safer and more productive.