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From commercial buildings to new homes to roads and utilities, All Points Wireless creates One System Solutions to increase efficiency while improving safety and security

Keep crews more connected and projects on schedule with our Motorola Solutions, Motorola Two Way Radios, and more.

When you require permanent or temporary wireless communications solutions, All Points Wireless has you covered. We understand that the success of your event hinges on a temporary communications solution that will fit your needs and budget.

That’s why our in-house specialists work with you directly on designing, deploying, and maintaining temporary wireless communications systems for any event, project, or job site.

All Points Wireless:

Ensuring Reliability, Improving Productivity, Enhancing Safety

The right two-way radio accessories ensure your team gets the best communications performance with the greatest ease-of-use.

Headsets, earpieces, and speaker microphones enable hands-free operation. In addition, All Points Wireless offers multiple headset designs – including hearing protection ear muffs for high decibel noise attenuation in construction environments. Belt clips and carry-case holsters keep radios close by, yet out-of-the way.

Spare batteries ensure that radios are ready to deliver peak signal strength when they are needed most. Multi-unit chargers available to reduce electrical outlet demands and shelf space requirements.

Reliability and dependability are key to staying connected in the construction industry. Radios save an enormous amount of time by getting questions answered quickly from remote locations. Plus, radios can summon assistance when tools, equipment, materials, or additional crew is needed. More importantly, help is just one button touch away if there is an injury or accident.

Motorola Solutions two-way radios deliver the connectivity, reliability, and operating flexibility needed in demanding construction environments. Rugged and durable devices are designed for expanded digital voice, data, and control capabilities.

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