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All Points Wireless

APW Solutions understands the importance of keeping your staff and facilities connected and safe

Since 1986, All Points Wireless has worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality voice, video, and data solutions to our community. Based in Sandy, Utah, APW Solutions now offers industry-leading service and wireless solutions to clients throughout the entire West.

Radio System Custom Design


Radio/IP Service and Maintenance


IT/Networking System Integration

What APW Solutions Offers:

Equipment Repair, Wireless Rentals, Routine Maintenance, Video Surveillance and Analytics, Wireless Backhaul Solutions, BDA/DAS Solutions, Dispatch Console Solutions, FCC Licensing, Device and Data Management Services, MOTOTRBO Systems, Tait EnableFleet Systems, Access Control Solutions, Broadband PTT, FirstNET PTT, Vehicle Upfitting, GPS/AVL Systems, Wireless Gateways and Modems, Onsite LTE (CBRS), Mining Communication and Proximity Systems, DMR and Analog Radio infrastructure.

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Two Way

Handheld walkie-talkies, vehicle or craft mounted mobile radios, deployable base stations, and dispatch centers–we’ve handled it all. All Points Wireless offers the best and most reliable brands, from Motorola to Tait and Icom. Whether you need to rent, upgrade, or build a brand new system, we provide industry-leading two way radios for analog and digital radio.


Single site, multi-site, IP link, analog–our certified engineers and technicians are experienced in designing and deploying two-way communications systems for mining sites, construction sites, airfields, and larger networks for utilities corporations and public safety officials. Whether you require P25 or other encrypted communications, or analog system installation or maintenance, All Points Wireless has you covered.


Keep your site secure with Axis and Avignon IP camera systems. Whether you want to monitor your building, keep eyes on a construction site, or make sure your mine is operating efficiently, APW Solutions is experienced  in designing and deploying fixed and mobile IP-based surveillance systems for a broad range of applications. With remote monitoring and system automation, we make staying safe and secure as simple as possible.


Whether you need to link multiple radio sites via Cambium Microwave Backhaul, keep your mining crew safe with PBE Proximity Solutions, or get the edge on the next fulfillment center over with Zebra Mobile Data Solutions, our network engineers and IT technicians are ready and excited to tackle your next problem. We live and breathe solutions, and we always strive to find the right solution to maximize your safety, security, and productivity with data infrastructure.


Yep, we’re nerds–and we embrace it. Our engineers and technicians are MSHA certified on top of everything else, and excited to develop, install, FCC certify, or maintain your communications and data infrastructure. We offer support 24/7 to our customers, assuring you’ll never have to worry about keeping your operation connected again. Have a problem? We’ll diagnose it off or on-site, whatever it takes. Got a question? Reach out to our dedicated support staff. Need an upgrade? We’ll deploy a technician same-day.


Here at All Points Wireless, we offer an extensive and ever-expanding inventory of two-way radios, radio accessories, and radio infrastructure equipment for rental use. Our rental options offer maximum flexibility and optimal coverage, all suited to fit your needs. When you need to stay informed of security alerts, medical emergencies, coordination, and more, temporary communications systems are a must. Our experienced staff can help you develop a temporary communications solution for any event, so you can keep your attendees and staff safe, engaged, and informed.

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