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What makes Cambium your top choice?

The increasing frequency of natural disasters and public emergencies poses a great challenge to government organizations like police, law-enforcement and firefighting. To better response when emergency strikes, a secure, reliable and efficient dispatching system is in urgent demand. In an ever-changing world and ever-evolving working environment, highly-efficient resource deployment and quick response to customers is a must for every business group strives for survive and growth.

  • High performance – to perform reliably in virtually any path conditions, including Non-Line-of-Sight and long-range Line-of-Sight, over water and desert terrain, and even in severe weather conditions.

  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) – the only backhaul products with MIMO technology.

  • Dynamic Spectrum Optimization TM (DSO) – resists interference and signal fading.

  • Adaptive Modulation – to provide the maximum throughput with highest link quality.

  • High Spectral Efficiency – to provide high throughput with minimal spectrum usage.

  • PTP LINKPlanner tool – to provide a graphical representation of the link path along with configuration details such as link configuration description, antenna height and maximum power and a performance summary such as link loss, data rates, and link reliability.

  • Investment Protection – PTP 810 supports TDM today and enables IP to provide smooth migration without replacing equipment.

  • Rapid deployment in hours – enabling network operators to rapidly extend broadband connectivity when and where it is needed.

  • Cambium PTP 800
  • Cambium PTP700