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Any Industry, Large or Small Operations, APW Solutions Has You Covered.

All Points Wireless offers everything you need to keep your team safe and connected.

We make complex systems simple to install, manage, and utilize, so you're never overwhelmed.

Modern two-way communications systems can be incredibly difficult to wrap your head around. Our highly experienced customer service professionals make it as easy as possible by explaining each solution and providing educational materials to you and your staff.

Our Solutions–Explained

Two Way Radios

From utility companies and first responders to mining sites and school campuses, two-way radios from APW Solutions provide radio communication and productivity that are vital to your operations’ success. These 2-way radio systems improve efficiency and increase safety by keeping public safety operations, commercial customers, and public institutions in touch when it matters most.


What Two Way Radio Should I Use?

There are a wide variety of two-way radio classifications used by organizations today. P25 systems, for example, are used by first responders as a secure and reliable communications protocol. The P25 radios that All Points Wireless offers are commonly used by public safety departments and agencies of all sizes, including police, fire, ambulance, Emergency Rescue Services, and more.



Of all the problems experienced during disaster events, one of the most serious is poor communication due to a lack of appropriate and efficient means to collect, process, and transmit important information in a timely fashion. In some cases, radio communication systems are incompatible and inoperable not just within a jurisdiction but within departments or agencies in the same community. Non-operability occurs due to the use of outdated equipment, limited availability of radio frequencies, isolated or independent planning, lack of coordination, and cooperation, between agencies, community priorities competing for resources, funding and ownership, and control of communications systems. P25 is a collaborative project to ensure that two-way radios are interoperable. The goal of P25 is to enable public safety responders to communicate with each other and, thus, achieve enhanced coordination, timely response, and efficient and effective use of communications equipment.


Professional & Commercial Radios:

Professional and Commercial two-way radios are devices designed to deliver instant PTT (push-to-talk) voice and data (text, location, etc.) communications. APW’s extensive inventory includes incredibly rugged portables, highly durable mobiles and versatile infrastructure platforms, such as MOTOTRBO and Tait Enable Fleet, that help organizations thrive. Many digital radio systems support software applications that increase voice and data communications function and efficiency. For added safety in challenging operating environments, Intrinsically Safe (IS) and Hazardous Location (HazLoc) devices are available.


MOTOTRBO Two-Way Solutions:

Whether you need communications stretching over one large area, or multiple sites, All Points Wireless has you covered. MOTOTRBO digital trunking solutions allow quick and efficient development of Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks for two way voice and data system coverage.

MOTOTRBO offers many tiers of systems based on your needs: IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, Linked Capacity Plus, or Connect Plus. All Points Wireless is happy to help find the right MOTOTRBO Solution for your operation.



In order to get the most out of your two-way radio system, APW Solutions offers a wide range of repeater options for both analog and digital systems. When you need your communications to stretch far and wide, our repeater systems can stretch long distances or link between obstructions for the best coverage possible.


Mobile Radios:

Installing mobiles your operations’ fleet contributes to worker safety and increases team efficiency. Mobile radio units are also ideal for school bus management and connectivity. With mobile radio options from Motorola, Tait, Icom, Kenwood, and Tyt, All Points Wireless can help you find exactly the right two-way mobiles for your operation.


Handheld Radios:

Whether you require simple, low-power handheld radios for your hospitality establishment, or rugged, highly functional walkie-talkies for industrial applications, APW has the right solution for you. Our business-class handheld radios offer highly cost-effective, simple, and reliable connectivity, while our commercial grade radios offer GPS tracking, Lone Worker, Man Down, and many other safety and connectivity functions for use in dangerous environments or large operations.


Two Way Radio Systems

Wireless two-way radio Wide-Area-Network systems enable organization-wide professional voice, video, and data communications across a large site or in multiple locations.




Utilizing Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO trunking solutions, All Points Wireless can deploy private push-to-talk networks to connect individual workers as well as multiple-user groups (i.e. groups for different departments, emergency comms, etc.). MOTOTRBO Networking Solutions include IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus/Max, Linked Capacity Plus, WAVE TLK100 and Connect Plus.

TAIT EnableFleet:

TAIT Enable Fleet offers fast and efficient two-way radio system deployment with OTAP, remote management, remote licensing, and extensive customization options for talk groups, priority channels or individuals, and much more. Compatible with P25 or DMR protocols, EnableFleet is a reliable, cost effective solution for your operations’ two-way radio communication needs.


A consumer, commercial, and public safety BDA System could also be referred to as a cell phone signal booster system or Passive DAS system. It is typically ideal for sites approximately 10 floors or less, and 500,000 sq. ft. of coverage areas to fix dead zones within them for all cellular carriers simultaneously. It requires some signal outside in one spot for it to amplify and distribute it indoors using distributed RF antenna(s). Great for schools and universities. This system is also perfect for hotels an resorts, as cell boosters allow a large amount of simultaneous callers. Hospitals and medical facilities have been using BDAs for many years to eliminate dead zones. It can be installed much more quickly (within weeks) at a much lower cost than digital fiber optic DAS systems.

BDA Or Bi-Directional Amplifier Systems Are Of Two Types:

1. Consumer & Commercial BDA Systems.

Commercial and consumer BDAs boost cell reception for consumer and commercial mobile phones and devices that operate on all cellular carrier networks.

2. Public Safety BDA Systems.

Public Safety BDAs boost reception for emergency personnel radio networks on 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz including FirstNet’s new dedicated public safety spectrum.

What Is A Full Fiber DAS Distributed Antenna System And When Is It Ideally Implemented?

A digital full fiberoptic DAS Distributed Antenna System is also known as Active DAS (ADAS) System or a traditional Small Cell System. It is typically ideal for sites with more than 10 floors and 500,000 sq. ft. of coverage areas to provide complete coverage for a single carrier. It is ideal for very large venues such as concert arenas or sports stadiums, business convention centers, and international airports. It can be implemented even if there’s absolutely no signal outside the building or venue. It takes longer for its installation (typically months) and the cost is much higher than Bi-Directional Amplifier Systems.

APW Solutions offers BDA/DAS site survey, engineering, and installation. For any site, large or small; All Points Wireless can work with you to develop the best amplification system for your business or organization.

Video Surveillance Systems

All Points Wireless is a proud authorized distributor and service provider for Axis and PBE IP-based security and proximity systems. Security products and services using Internet protocol (IP) are digital systems commonly employed for surveillance, and unlike analog systems can send and receive data via a computer network (LAN or WAN) and the Internet. These systems are ideal for any environment, any application, and any operation.


PBE Proximity Alert Systems:

PBE’s tag based Proximity Alert Systems (PAS) are designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing risk of collision through asset and personnel detection and warning. The above and below ground proximity detection system alerts drivers of the presence of personnel, vehicles, obstacles and user defined geofences.

The system helps manage vehicle interactions by providing reliable information on direction and distance by utilizing multiple technologies including RFID, GPS, electromagnetics and bidirectional radar. The standard version, PAS-Z is compact and lightweight.


Axis IP Security Systems:

Axis network cameras provide excellent image quality regardless of lighting conditions and the characteristics of the monitored areas. Clearer images Axis network cameras can deliver up to 4K image resolution, and the HDTV cameras support SMPTE standard. Smoother movement Moving objects come out clear and flicker-free. The images are more useful for surveillance, thanks to progressive scanning used by Axis as compared to analog interlaced scanning. In any light Unlike analog cameras, Axis network cameras can compensate for less than optimal lighting: Axis Lightfinder gives you color images in low light and Forensic WDR delivers excellent detail in scenes with both bright and dark areas. OptimizedIR ensures high-quality and low-noise even in complete darkness. And Axis thermal cameras are accurate even in pitch darkness and fog.

Axis Cameras Brochure

Here at APW Solutions, we’ve found Axis Cameras to be an ideal solution for both industrial and commercial applications. These robust cameras and vendor-provided IP surveillance software can be deployed for a relatively low cost and help you ensure the safety and security of your staff and premises.

Dispatch Solutions

All Points Wireless has experience deploying and integrating a wide range of radio dispatch systems with a broad set of functionality depending on customers’ needs.

We want you to have peace of mind, knowing that your dispatch operators have the best tools available to respond quickly and effectively. Regardless of the size of your operation, with basic needs or complex needs, the dispatch communications solutions we offer provide the reliable connectivity, intuitive operation and robust functionality to ensure everyone gets home safe, power is restored, and everyone stays alert and informed.

The console is the core to your dispatch operations. Many companies offer a variety of console configurations to meet the needs of dispatch centers from a simple desktop to a large multi position console configuration. Here at APW, we offer solutions such as SmartPTT, TurboNET, RadioPro, and more.


Desktop Consoles are self-contained radio dispatching units that control single or multiple base stations. Consoles may be remotely located in another part of the building, a branch office, or even in another city. Multiple desktop consoles can work in parallel to access and control a radio system.



SmartPTT PLUS is a Motorola Sold & Supported voice dispatch and data application. Being Motorola Sold & Supported means that SmartPTT is tested and certified to work with Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems. Additionally, SmartPTT PLUS can connect directly to the master repeater or system server via an IP wireline connection, thus eliminating the need for gateways and control stations.



TRBOnet Plus is a purely IP-based dispatch application with capabilities far beyond just mere dispatch functions and features. This powerful solution enables a user to fully control and manage all available resources. The voice dispatch over IP feature is supplemented with text messaging, voice recording, telephone interconnect and many other features for much more efficient communication. Our customers may choose a single server installation or a distributed and redundant system.

TRBOnet Plus is compatible with any MOTOTRBO system, from a single site repeater to the largest Connect Plus or Capacity Max networks having up to 250 sites. Additionally, it is possible to connect two or more dissimilar MOTOTRBO systems to the same server to create seamless communication between users and dispatchers from different networks. The TRBOnet Plus software is a very flexible and scalable solution that enables your system to grow with your changing requirements.

Backhaul Solutions

The APW Solutions team is experienced in designing, engineering, and deploying wireless backhaul systems in a variety of environments, from remote mountain tops to crowded urban settings. PTP backhaul systems allow you to keep campuses, mines, or large areas connected with high-speed data transmission via microwave transmission.


Cambium Backhaul Solutions:

Cambium Backhaul solutions are designed with industry-leading throughput and spectral efficiency.

• Network Infrastructure – Whether it’s for a business campus, multiple government offices, a fiber network, or a backbone for a network providing residential access, PTP links provide high-capacity throughput to bring connectivity to a new location.

• Mobile Wireless Backhaul – With small form-factors, precise timing protocols, and all-outdoor deployment models, PTP links can provide connectivity to small cell and macro cell infrastructure to add capacity or to fill coverage gaps.

• Leased Line Replacement – PTP links are ideal to eliminate the recurring costs of leased circuits, often providing an ROI in only a few months. Links can be created to provide primary or backup service.

• Disaster Recovery – Communications are vital in the wake of a disaster. When land line communications are wiped out, PTP links can be rapidly deployed to provide video, voice, and data services to support recovery teams and families in need.


Cambium PTP Backhaul Solutions Brochure

Vehicle Up-Fitting Services

Need to keep your fleet connected? All Points Wireless offers vehicle up-fitting services to integrate voice, video, and data solutions into your vehicles with turn-key solutions from Tait, L3Harris, Motorola, and more.


No matter the size of your fleet, we can offer on-site, turn-key installations of mobile radios, emergency communications, and AVL systems.


With Solutions from Tait, L3Harris, and Motorola, the safely and efficiency of your fleet is our number one concern.


We offer Motorola and L3Harris, and Tait mobile and portable two-way radios that can integrate voice and data. We are DMR communication experts. In addition to voice, radios with GPS can help you improve fleet efficiency to reduce drive-time and fuel costs, not to mention providing first responder vehicle tracking analytics for tactical response positioning in case of emergencies.

Solar & Power Services

Need power in remote locations?

APW Solutions proudly provides system design and implementation of remote, off-grid power solutions to keep your remote  sites connected. Whether you require a backup power delivery system for an on-grid site, or you need 100% off-grid coverage, All Points Wireless offers industry  leading solar, hybrid, and power storage technology.

The highly trained and experienced, MSHA certified technicians of APW Solutions are ready  to handle remote solar power installations for a variety of applications, from a stand-alone system capable of powering a remote repeater-node site, to creating an industrial remote power plant for your on-site systems.

Our industrial micro-grid systems are custom designed and site specific systems using solar and other hybrid sources such as diesel gensets and wind turbines. These micro-grid energy systems are used to charge and maintain a variety of battery storage systems, which can provide power to your critical communications systems.

Our Solar Services Include:

  • Complete Site Assessment
  • Per System White Pages and Manual
  • CAD-aided, site specific design
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • On-Site and Off-Site Training
  • Set-up and Instruction
  • System Sustainment
  • Pre-Assembled Systems for Fast Installation


Secure Access Systems

All Points Wireless offers a wide variety of access control systems, ranging from proximity cards to bio metric identification, and everything in between. Our secure access services include system design, installation, upgrade, and hands-on training.

An access control system is the first step in protecting your people, property and assets, by tracking and restricting door, gate or other entry point access to a property, building or room to authorized persons. With an access security system, you know exactly who enters a building or room, when they enter and what door they use. Access systems include analytics that allow you to track where your employees are and receive reports of suspicious activity, such as attempts to access restricted areas.

Proximity Card Access Systems:

The industry standard of today, proximity card entry systems allow for access authentication via printable PVC cards, key fobs, and clam shell cards featuring 125KHz transmission. These systems are cost effective,


Smart Card Access Systems:

Smart card access systems provide even more features and security for your operation, utilizing 13.56 MHz read & write contactless smart card technology that can provide identification, authentication, and store information on the card because of the microchip and memory embedded within the smart card.


Swipe Card Access Systems:

Swipe card systems use magnetic cards designed for basic, low security access control applications. Access is granted with the swipe of a simple magnetic stripe encoded card. These systems are great for the hospitality industry because they offer the ability to write new access cards quickly and easily, however, their uses are nearly endless for low-security applications!


Keypad Access Systems:

Keypad access systems are incredibly simple systems which allow entry with a PIN code. Easy to combine with other systems, such as smart card access systems, keypads can aid in providing extra security, or function as standalone secure entry systems.


Bio Metric Secure Access Systems:

Bio-metric security access control systems use bio-metric devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, facial recognition scanners, and hand geometry readers. These systems are fast becoming the new industry standard, as they utilize non-nontransferable aspects of a persons’ identity to allow access, providing a high level of security.


Regardless of your secure entry needs, whether you only need keypads on a few doors, or an entire bio-metric remote access and foot-traffic-tracking system implemented across many sites, APW solutions can help you today.

Our Professional Secure Access Services:

  • Expert Consultation and Site Evaluation
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Configuration and Sustainment
  • On-site Service and Installations
  • Remote Support

Our Security Partners:

CBRS & Wifi Network Systems

Instead of expensive licensed spectrums, CBRS allows private LTE networks on shared spectrums. The lower cost is due to CBRS coverage capabilities that reduce the cost of infrastructure. Now you can take advantage of the benefits of a private network without the traditionally associated costs, and know your network will actually amortize over time against typical carrier subscriptions. APW Solutions’ capable and experienced network engineers and technicians are ready to tackle any CBRS design, implementation, or upgrade for your operation.

CBRS is 150 MHz of spectrum – ranging from 3550 – 3700 MHz – in the 3.5 GHz band. Used sparingly by the U.S government and other entities, this band was identified by the FCC as additional spectrum for shared wireless private broadband. This band overcomes the limitations of WiFi and provides a more efficient option for large commercial enterprises. WiFi coverage and capacity can be limited. CBRS gives commercial enterprises two-times the capacity and up to four-times the range of WiFi.

Mobile Computing & Data Management

Mobile computing solutions help to provide an efficient way to stay connected to all your data sources, users and information at all times. Zebra mobile computers maximize workforce productivity, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer service. Utilizing Zebra enterprise mobile computers, workers can access the applications and people they need to get the job done. Each unit is ideal for streamlining processes and simplifying logistics in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, transportation, petrochemical, retailing, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

All Points Wireless offers a range of mobile computer design forms to equip your workers for all use cases—from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers. Whether they run on the Windows® or Android™ operating system, Zebra’s mobile computers feature robust built-in software intelligence that enables your workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

Other Business Communications & Data Solutions

Whatever your voice, video, or data need, APW Solutions prides ourselves on bringing the linchpin to your operation. With our wide network of distributors and providers, we are capable of tackling nearly any project, over any terrain, in any condition, and of any scale. Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and our team of dedicated support and sales staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your operation.