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Fire/Emergency Medical Services

All Points Wireless Helps First Responders Save Precious Time

All Points Wireless Offers the Right Public Safety Voice, Video, and Data Connectivity Solutions

All Points Wireless helps Public Safety professionals respond faster and more efficiently with reliable wireless communications and video surveillance solutions that increase teamwork, efficiency, and situational awareness. No matter what communication challenges your organization faces, All Points Wireless has the experience and technical skills to meet them.

The Mission Critical Ecosystem

Motorola Solutions has created the first and only mission-critical ecosystem built specifically for public safety. Its four platforms unify voice, data, video and analytics.

We create infrastructure and implement devices that enable mission critical communications. By reinforcing radio with broadband capabilities, instant voice and multimedia collaborations keep users safe and aware when it matters most.

Devices as tough as the job.

Our two-way radios are engineered to work flawlessly in the toughest conditions.

  • Being dropped on concrete
  • Temperature shocks
  • Blowing dust
  • Wind driven rain
Helicopter pilot used radio to communicate
EMT paramedic uses two way radio to communicate

Intelligent technology sparks safer and faster fire response.

Imagine a world where critical information is shared at speed and inter-agency communications are seamless. We are focused on delivering collaborative, advanced technologies and services aligned to fire prevention, early fire detection and emergency response requirements.

All Points Wireless specializes within the information flowing between citizens, responders, and agencies is the intelligence that builds a safer city. All Points Wireless Solutions can help you collect Valuable data, make it actionable and securely distribute it across mission-critical devices and easy-to-manage networks.

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