BPR40 Portable Radio ANALOG 16-CHANNEL PACKAGE UHF Portable (450-470 MHz) / 16 Channel / 1500 mAh Li-ion Batt / Mag One PMAE4020 Antenna


8 or 16 Channels
Allows multiple users and groups to communicate. Organize teams into different
talkgroups for improved efficiency.
Small and Lightweight
Only 4.21 inches high. And over
14% lighter with a Li-ion battery.
• 9.5 oz with Li-ion battery
• 11.08 oz with NiMH battery
Squelch Levels
Helps minimize interference from
undesired weak signals and helps
weak signals be heard.
Tricolor LED
Indicates radio status and battery
levels at a glance.
Large, Textured Push-to-Talk Button
Easy to find and use without looking.
Single Priority Scan
Frequently scans higher priority channels.
Large Rotary Channel Selector
Allows you to changes channels easily.
On/Off and Volume Control
Large size lets you adjust the
volume quickly.
Adjustable Power Level
Helps save battery life. Adjusts
transmit power to accommodate
user environment.
Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
Polycarbonate housing provides
greater protection.


Mag One by Motorola BPR 40
An affordable, high-performance communication tool that
is a reliable solution for your communication needs. When
you equip your work force with the BPR 40, they will be
able to react more efficiently. Quicker response, better
customer service, saved trips, and increased safety – they
all add up to better operations and a streamlined process.
The Mag One by Motorola BPR 40 two-way radio not only
provides affordable communication, but also a complete
assortment of tested and certified accessories to customize your radio solution. And it’s backed by Motorola
service and a 1-year limited radio warranty*.