VL50 Portable Radio ANALOG PACKAGE UHF Portable (464.5-467.9) / 8 Ch / 1W / 1100 mAh Li-ion Batt / Fixed Antenna


VL50™ Product Features
• 1 Watt of Power
• Up to 8 Channels
• 56 Frequencies
Combine the 56 exclusive UHF business frequencies with 121
Eliminator Codes for many unique transmit options.
• 121 Interference Eliminator Codes
83 digital and 38 analog.
• Extra Large Push-to-Talk Button
Helps you find the transmit button…fast
• Keypad Lock
Helps prevent accidental changes to settings, limiting downtime.
• Call Tones/VibraCall® Alert*
Choice of 7 selectable Call Tones or a VibraCall vibration alerts
signify incoming transmissions.
• Drop-in Charging Capability
Keeps VL50 radios centrally located and charged.
• Long Lasting Battery Life
Rechargeable Li-ion provides up to 12 hours of battery life.
• AAA Battery Tray Included
A great option that allows use of AAA batteries.
• LCD Display
• Battery Gauge
• Cloning Capable
Quickly copy the settings from radio to radio with the use of a
CCS Station (Cloning, Charging, Storage).
• Dual Pin Accessory Connector
• 1 Year Replacement Warranty


Customize the VL50 with accessories to help improve event coordination response time.
Event planners can stay in touch
with all services with the VL50
while the light crew can be separate by channel. It’s perfect for
event planners, coordinators and
speakers. Save the AV technicians,
loading crew and security team
steps. Give the food, catering and
entertainment staff more time for
good service. Smart
Increase customer service and satisfaction by connecting your staff.
Cost Effective
Helps maximize job shift productivity with immediate communication.
Easy for staff to use, 1-to-1 or group communication at the touch of a
button, great for high employee turnover industries
Safe and Secure
Enhance your team’s coordination and response time when a disturbance, accident or emergency occurs.
Built for Business Use
Built to withstand everyday wear and tear featuring 56 business exclusive
FCC License Required: VL Series™ Business two-way radios operate on
radio frequencies regulated by the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC). In order to transmit on these frequencies, you are required to have
a license issued by the FCC.